Xend Finance: Access to Global, Borderless Savings and Investment.


Recently, the word decentralized finance popularly referred to as Defi has generated a lot of attention all over the globe most especially in the crypto currency space as efforts are been put into the development of Defi products that can actually decentralize the digital economic system in the real sense.

How does Xend Finance work:

Xend Finance allows Individual saving operations and Credit Union operations on its smart contract. For each operation carried out on the Xend finance network, users are rewarded with Xend token ($XEND) which is it native network token.

Key Features of Xend Finance:

Built on the binance smart chain, Xend finance offers the following key products and features:

Key Benefits of Using Xend Finance

Removes Currency Volatility:


The soon to be launched DeFi platform ;Xend Finance offers individuals, Cooperatives and Credit Unions varying opportunities to maximize their return on investment while removing the barriers created by the traditional centralized financial system.

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